Tours & Vehicle Creation

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Road shows can be a powerful part of your marketing mix, putting your product in the the right hands, at the right time and place and in a way that's meaningful and relevant to your target. We begin every project in every department at our full service interactive marketing agency the same way, and tours and vehicle creation are no different. It’s essential to start with a focus on the consumer.

Mapping It All Out

A true, deep understanding of your target consumer can guide where to take a tour, when and how to engage. In building every experiential program, we start by asking:

  • Who is our target consumer? How many of them are there? Where do they live?
  • What life-stage are they in? Does this call for on-campus marketing, a mall tour or something entirely different?
  • When is our product most relevant to them?
  • When will they be most receptive to our product?
  • What else is meaningful to them?
  • Where do our core values overlap with their interests?

From there, we’re able to build a strategic approach to an experiential marketing tour, which we can overlay with efficient logistics, engaging creative and a tactical plan built to keep the conversation going strong long after your tour has moved to the next destination.

The Perfect Set of Wheels

Tour vehicles come in all shapes and sizes – which is key, because they should fit the size and scope of your program, while drawing attention of passersby and generating impressions on the road as they drive from city to city.

We can put your brand on the road any way you envision, whether it’s by wrapping a standard vehicle or creating something entirely custom, building out a recreational vehicle or moving a pop-up experience inside a shipping crate. Inside, we can tailor the experience with innovative interactive pieces and cutting-edge technology that links real-world efforts to those in the virtual space via mobile and social.

The Right People for the Road When you have a shot at a face-to-face interaction with your target consumer, you want to make sure you’re putting your best face forward. Our network of tour managers and brand ambassadors are specially trained to engage consumers and transform them into loyalists.

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