In-Store Marketing

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Perhaps the most powerful time to reach your target consumer is while they’re at shelf, just moments away from a purchase. And experiential marketing offers the chance for brands to connect with consumers face-to-face. So when in-store marketing meets experiential marketing, you get an unrivaled opportunity for conversions.

Studying Your User's Purchasing Behavior

The key to any successful campaign, especially one that begins and ends at retail, is a focus on the target consumer. So we begin by discovering how these consumers shop, such as:

  • What do they consider helpful in store?
  • How are they using their mobile devices while they shop?
  • Does social interaction play a factor in their purchasing decisions?

Set Up for Success

To execute a successful in-store marketing campaign, we must impact business objectives. For that reason, we develop programs based on trackable key performance indicators (or KPIs), which allow us to not only evaluate overall performance but also to optimize the program while it is in progress.

Bringing it all to Life

With an engaging experience, inspiring creative and a strategic plan developed with KPIs in mind, we’re able to create an impactful in-store experience for consumers that could include several of these services:

  • Point-of-Sale signage and displays
  • Retailtainment
  • Sampling
  • Mobile marketing
  • Kiosks and in-store technology

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