Event Marketing

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Like every good event, mobile marketing is all about the experience. It goes beyond bringing products to consumers, and instead brings brands to life in relevant, exciting ways. Before experiential campaigns hit the streets, they start with a focus on the target consumer.

Finding Your User

We start every event marketing campaign with a deep dive into the target consumer. We use industry-leading research and social media listening tools to identifies their social habits, purchase decisions and day-to-day activities. This allows us to highlight:

  • Where we can intersect your target consumer
  • What type of engagement activities will excite them
  • What stage of the path-to-purchase they’ll be in when we engage them
  • What type of follow up communication will be most effective

Creating the Experience

Then, a cross-discipline team develops an engaging, memorable brand experience and a corresponding logistical plan that brings your brand to the right people at the right time.

Our event marketing services include:

  • Hiring and training promotional brand ambassadors
  • Identifying key markets and a tour schedule
  • Developing brand-centric events
  • Establishing brand presence at existing events
  • On-campus marketing

Contact us to talk about how event marketing can enhance your marketing plan.