On-Premise Marketing

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There’s no better time to connect with consumers than when your product is in their hands.


Good on-premise marketing is about more than just intercepting consumers. It’s about joining them. We don’t want to interrupt good times; we want your brand to make good times even better.

That’s why, as an experiential marketing agency, we develop programs that do more than just hand your product to consumers. We develop programs that engage, entertain and frame your product as the catalyst to a memorable night out.


But that’s just the outcome. The process starts months or years earlier with a strategy founded on insights. What are our target’s aspirations? What message will resonate with them? Good event marketing companies will tell you that if you can’t answer these questions—and many others like them—your on-premise efforts are doomed.


Once our strategy is watertight, we head to the brainstorm room. How can we do something fresh, something that other event marketing companies haven’t done? How do we create a program that people will not only want to interact with, but talk about, too?

That’s when we go back to our audience. We think about their needs and their passions and let them lead us to the big idea.

Sometimes that means point-of-sale displays. Other times, it means brand-trained sampling teams. And yet other times it means taking over bars and restaurants for high-profile branded events. But most often it means all three: complete programs that are designed for scalability.

What would an on-premise marketing program look like for your brand? Contact us and let’s talk about it.