Sweepstakes & Contests

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In a world of instant gratification and overstimulation, how can you make sweepstakes and contests feel relevant, buzz-worthy and exciting?

To really grab a consumer and lead them to conversion, promotional marketing companies need to engage consumers in an ongoing relationship, not a quick, one-time contact. There used to be a time when the chance for a huge windfall from a sweepstakes or contest was enough to lure in consumers and keep them coming back for a while. That time is long gone.

Consumers are also more skeptical than ever. They know we know they need ongoing engagement. Luckily, we know they know. Follow?


Promotions that resonate with the target’s lifestyle and that build buzz are promotions that impact the bottom line. And we tightly integrated sweeps and contests into these promotions in truly engaging ways.

Converting consumers using sweeps and contests takes more than simple giveaways. We capture attention, we activate imaginations, we get consumers to relate, we entertain and we educate.

Contests and sweepstakes management are powerful, but they’re just one component of promotions marketing. They work in conjunction with the greater campaign.


All activations should be strategically linked to and build back to the brand strategy. And we make sure it’s done in the right way for the right consumer, including contests at events, internet promotions and sweepstakes in the on-premise.


We might aim for millions of consumers with a grand prize of thousands of dollars. Or we might aim at a select group of people with several smaller scale prizes. We’ve put together large-scale sweeps, small-scale contests and everything in between. The key is tailoring it to the consumer and the marketing objective.

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