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With online business marketing, there is no shortage of data. In fact, the wealth of data available for website analytics can often lead to something we like to call "analysis paralysis." The key is understanding the numbers in a way that’s meaningful to business objectives, and letting them
guide adjustments to meet goals.

Slicing and Dicing with Purpose

We start by identifying key performance indicators, or KPIs, that link directly to digital marketing objectives. (In fact, we build the site with them in mind.) Then we’re able to use industry-leading tools to review the site’s performance in real-time, with an eye on the numbers that actually matter. Our understanding of business objectives and their link to specific KPIs means our analytics reports are focused on relevant, meaningful key learnings about your online marketing strategy and regular recommendations for optimization.

Big Ideas Meet Small Tweaks

When big ideas are released into the real world, user data allows us to see what aspects are working and what could work better. With real-time analytics and a user-centric approach, we’re able to continuously optimize, improving overall performance and ensuring KPIs are not just met but often exceeded.

Our performance measurement services include:

  • Integration of Paid Campaigns into Website Analytics
  • Creation of Customized Reports
  • Analytics Review and Consultation

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