Web & Application Development

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A website can be more than an online brochure, and an app can be more than a game that lives on a mobile device. How? Through a user-centric approach to website marketing strategy and custom web application development.

But First, Let’s Clarify

Though we mostly associate the term with thumb-sized icons on our mobile devices, an application is a much more all-encompassing term to our developers. Technically, it could be something as complex as a word processing program or a web browser, but for marketing purposes, apps generally fall into one of these categories:

  • Websites
  • Games
  • Social Networks/Social Tools
  • Utilities

Code Warriors

For developers, a sharp skill set is the first step to innovation – and it’s built through a library of tools, patterns and best practices, all while staying ahead of industry trends.

The benefits include the ability to leverage open-source platforms, such as SilverStripe or WordPress, allowing access to the knowledge of a huge community of developers while working directly with an agile, hands-on task force. The resulting websites and apps are easy-to-update but allow use of custom web design services.

High Traffic Generators

Every great website and app needs users – which calls for application and website marketing services focused on building-qualified traffic. That starts with understanding your consumer:

  • What are they using it for?
  • Where are they using it?
  • Why are they using it?
  • What else are they doing online?

Based on the profile of your user, your digital marketing mix might include PPC, SEM, social and mobile ads.

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