Social Media Management

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Social media has become a necessary and effective marketing channel. In fact, three out of four CMOs believe social media impacts sales (The CMO Club study by Bazaarvoice, 2012). So you know you need it. But where, how—and more importantly—to whom?

The User Deep Dive

Unfortunately, if approached the wrong way, social media can cause more damage to your brand than good. The most successful social media campaigns are designed through the eyes, ears and touch points of the consumer:

  • Where in social media is your user?
  • How are they using that channel?
  • What type of content are they responding to?
  • What is their motivation when they log in?
  • What makes them passionate brand advocates?

A social campaign is only truly brilliant if it’s designed with the user in mind. Only then will consumers recognize the relevance and engage in ways that ultimately impact the bottom line.

The Who, What and Where

As we build social strategies and determine which social networks will be most effective, we consider:

  • Brand objectives
  • How are they using that channel?
  • The presence and activity level of the target consumer in those channels
  • What resources will be necessary to successfully provide support in that space

The result is an intricate social media strategy and corresponding editorial calendar built to deliver brand messaging and engagement, while giving the user unique reasons to follow your brand within each channel.

The Day-to-Day

Within a social marketing agency, content development, daily posting, responding to users, and careful stimulation of engagement and community development are handled by a community manager.

The responsibilities of a community manager include:

  • Working with an account services team to meet brand messaging objectives
  • Collaborating with the creative team to ensure brand tonality and voice is consistent
  • Monitoring and gently guiding the conversations within each social channel on a daily basis
  • Being on-call around the clock to handle any negative feedback that may arise
  • Using an editorial calendar to organize and ensure content aligns with approved social media objectives and is relevant to the target audience
  • Monitoring analytics and optimizing the editorial calendar’s content based on engagement statistics

Measuring Social Media

The ROI secret of social community management agencies is that there is no secret formula. Instead, we follow this process:

  • Build social objectives based on business objectives
  • Craft a social strategy specifically to achieve those social objectives
  • Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with the social objectives
  • Observe and optimize repeatedly once the program goes live


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