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What is at the heart of a successful rebranding? It is not necessarily pinpointing what is currently right about the brand or what has been wrong, although those are important to know. Instead, the key to rebranding a brand lies with the target consumer. A consumer-centric approach to the brand development process results in powerful relevance and longevity.

Evolution or Revolution?

Knowing whether your brand needs to be modernized or requires a complete overhaul is a matter of knowing your consumer—and knowing if you’re focusing on the right consumer.

We use industry-leading syndicated research along with primary research conducted through our globally ranked research facility to find the answers:

  • Is our brand relevant to our consumers’ lives and values?
  • Is there opportunity in segments beyond our current consumers?
  • What out-of-category beacon brands are meaningful to them?
  • Where do they currently find value in our brand? Where does it lack?
  • What is definitive about their lifestyles?
  • What do they strive for and aspire to?

These questions, among many more, help define territories of meaning and relevance for the consumer, which can be analyzed to determine where brands might successfully play. It’s the first step in creating a powerful brand identity.

But what is brand identity?

A brand identity is the impression you project to consumers through verbal and visual tonality. In other words, it’s your brand’s personality, which consumers perceive by the choices you make on every piece of branded communication, in terms of:

  • Colors
  • Typefaces
  • Design treatments, such as patterns, lines and flourishes (or lack thereof)
  • Word choice
  • Writing style
  • Type of interaction (is it innovative and new or traditional, mainstream or niche?)

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