New Product Launch

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Most new product launches fail—95% according to AccuPoll. So launching a new product can be a daunting endeavor.

Start at the Finish Line: Focus on Your Target

With new product development marketing, the focus should be on your target consumer. Start with a consumer deep dive, then think about your consumer as you build your brand and your launch plan.

When developing your brand, ask yourself:

  • How will the target interact with your brand?
  • What role will the brand play in your consumer’s lifestyle?
  • What’s meaningful to them – and how can your brand connect to that?
  • What out-of-category brands appeal to your consumer, and what inspiration and key insights can you draw from them?

When developing your new product launch plan, think about:

  • What does your target do every day? Where are the touchpoints that you could use to connect with them?
  • What non-branded content excites your target? How can you use it as creative inspiration?
  • What types of things get your consumers talking? How can you leverage those to get them buzzing about your brand launch?

A Smart Plan in Action

So what do the 5% of brands that succeed have in common? Relevancy. They are meaningful to their target consumer.

Develop your brand and your launch plan with a focus on the consumer, from engaging creative to strategic use of new technology and social media, and you’ll have the relevancy that’s necessary for a strong launch and longevity.

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