Email Marketing

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The two top activities for internet users are email and search. So even as digital marketing advances at a breakneck pace, email marketing remains relevant and delivers strong ROI with efficient budgets, making it something of a modern classic among web marketing services.

Find Your User’s Interests

Nobody wants an inbox full of spam—so how do brands ensure their email marketing is seen as valuable and not immediately destined for the virtual trash can? The key is to start with the user and research their interests, habits and social interactions—both online and off—to determine things like:

  • Who’s most likely to view your email
  • What they’re reading about
  • When they’re most likely to be checking email
  • What incentivizes them to engage and purchase

This user-centric approach extends through the strategy to the development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and even to the content and creative development, ensuring the messaging meets brand objectives and provides consumers with relevance and value.

Cross-Discipline Collaboration

A team working closely together allows all campaigns, email marketing included, to build synergies and identify unique opportunities (something a full service agency can do that an email marketing agency can’t). With every email blast, web developers, digital analysts, social media strategists, account service and creative align to ensure that it:

  • Offers relevant, engaging content tailored to your users’ interests and your brand objectives
  • Includes a social media and/or mobile tie-in
  • Has a compelling design that’s compatible with all email clients
  • Is crafted to drive engagement
  • Provides cross-channel promotion and leverages brand assets and activity
  • Can be monitored for success

Instant Optimization

When real-time data is used properly, it can be a powerful way to ensure the best possible results.

For example, with email campaigns, we’re able to A/B test subject lines to ensure the highest possible open rate:

  • Two versions are sent to a small, random sample taken from the total email list
  • The best performing version is identified and sent to the remaining email list

Additionally, as the campaign progresses, other KPIs, such as click-through-rates, allow us to optimize content type.

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