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Digital, social and mobile have reached utility status, and consumers no longer differentiate between online and brick-and-mortar shopping. As the purchase process shifts to become more fluid and retail becomes a state of mind, ecommerce web development becomes key to influencing online and in-store purchases.

First, We Identify How Your Consumer Shops

Whether you’re looking to improve your current card, build an ecommerce site from the ground up or strengthen the link between online and in-store, the first step is understanding your consumer’s purchase process.

We study how your consumer transitions from awareness to purchase, both online and in-store to identify:

  • What do they consider helpful while shopping?
  • Do they comparison shop before they purchase?
  • Does social interaction play a factor in their purchasing decisions?

Then, We Build A Strategy

A cross-discipline team, from every department of our full-service web design and development company, reviews the key learnings about your consumer to develop a user-centric strategy to meet your brand goals.

That means ecommerce web developers are coming together with analysts, social strategists, account service and creatives to ensure that every aspect of your ecommerce site, product data import/export to payment and shipping gateway setup, will:

  • Meet your brand objectives, which we can monitor with measurable KPIs
  • Be tailored to your users’ purchasing habits
  • Have a compelling design
  • Run smoothly on all formats, including mobile
  • Be supported by ecommerce search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Leverage opportunities to bridge in-store and online experiences
  • Support other channels, such as social, through things like recommendations and reviews

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