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Digital Content Strategy

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The average user is exposed to thousands of marketing messages per day. Especially online, users are often hurried, potentially frustrated, and trying to quickly complete tasks. Actions they could take to complete their tasks are varied depending on the stage of the purchase or
conversion funnel the user is in.

Awareness -> Consideration -> Engagement


  • Google search for general keyword
  • User views/reads your content to find out more information
  • services/product page, blog post, video, tweet, Facebook post, instagram photo, Pinterest pin, etc.


  • User subscribes to your email list
  • User adds your products to a wish list
  • User follows you on social media profiles
  • User shares your content socially


  • User comments/engages with your social media profiles
  • User comments on your blog
  • Users uses your retail locator
  • User buys your product/calls for an appointment

Digital content strategy is critical in determining what digital content you need to deliver to the user at every stage they are in, while seamlessly and efficiently moving them along the funnel to conversion. This means that your content (which can be text, imagery, video, User Generated Content, audio, data, etc.) must be relevant and valuable and about a user’s wants and needs at that particular digital touchpoint and stage of the conversion funnel.

While paid media can be used to boost your message, truly effective content strategy and marketing is about helping your customers, not advertising your products.

We look at your user and the context they are in throughout the funnel to design and deliver the most relevant and valuable content throughout your digital ecosystem - always leading them down the path to conversion eventually. The path is not forced or rushed, as users naturally click for more information, or share with their friends or find the nearest retailer as they feel it is the clear next step to helping them complete their task.